Publishing : Studio Kitsune
The titles below; Distant Thunder, Foxtails, Tetraspace and Animosity, can all be purchased at our Etsy store, Eat More Cat !

  • Distant Thunder #4 cover, by Foxy.

    Distant Thunder

    First issue published in summer 2005.

    On-going fantasy comedy series starring an inept group of heroes as they attempt to save the world. 32 page digest comics.

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  • Foxtails cover, by Foxy.


    First issue published 2005.

    Standalone digest sized fanzines, 16 pages. Gag strips and how-to-make-comic discussions and walkthroughs.

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  • Maid Cafe Kemono Dessert Panic cover, by Foxy.

    Maid Cafe Kemono Dessert Panic

    Published March 2020.

    One-off 32 page full color comic. Messy slapstick and pun based slice-of-life comedy around the staff of a maid cafe.

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  • Tetraspace #2 cover by Foxy and Mary Beaird.

    Tetraspace #2

    Published 2007.

    Second issue in a series of Twilight Zone-esque stories written by Mary Beaird and illustrated by different artists. Long Distance Love is the story of romance gone wrong in the 1980s.

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  • Animosity #6 cover, by Laura Watton.


    First published May 1998.

    A six issue run, Animosity ran from 1998 to 2002 and was a digest sized, general anime and manga fanzine; articles, reviews, games, interviews and original manga series.

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