As some of you may know, I also waste some of my time writing (although not nearly as much as drawing!).
A sample of which is listed below and may be followed via the links.
Most of the stories below have been published before (by whom, and which issue is listed with each story.)

The majority of my writing is anthropomorphically-themed, normally with a slant towards fantasy, or sometimes sci-fi worlds.

"A Walk In The Woods."

(Written for online MMORPG Nexus, where it won a story contest.)

Nature mimics civilisation, in this short fable about dinner !


(First published in Furvisions #4)

Private Ewaka, solider and spy is sent off on a top-secret military mission, unaware of the circumstances of her job.

"The Last Of Her Kind."

(First published in Furst #3)

Miss Sonia Cushing, left a house and woodland by her grandfather, discovers a true magic waiting there for her.

"The Third Wish."

(First published in Furvisions #11)

A bedtime tale, of a greedy fox king, who finally finds happiness and contentment, courtesy of a magical feline genie, and a common vixen.

"To Catch A Thief."

(First published in Anthropomorphine #11)

When it comes to stealing a holy artifact, has Violette, vixen thief and assassin, taken on more than she can handle ?