Publishing : Lazy Fox Studios
The later issues of the title Anthropomorphine, below, as well as anthology comic Voop!, can all be purchased at our Etsy store, Eat More Cat !

  • Anthropomorphine #14 front cover by XianJaguar.


    First issue published in December 1993.

    Long running general ages anthology fanzine. 15 issues published to date, featuring furry art, stories, poems, reviews, etc!

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  • Voop! #1 cover by Foxy.


    First issue published in July 2017.

    Collected from the pages of North American Fur (NAF) magazine, compiling the individual strips into 28 page regular comic sized anthologies!

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  • Foxes Are Neat! #1 front cover, by Lance Rund.

    Foxes Are Neat!

    First issue published December 1994.

    A three issue mini series devoted to the anthropomorphic vulpine in all their glory! Each issue was 64 pages.

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  • Hot To Trot issue #1 cover, by Flinthoof.

    Hot To Trot

    First issue published in August 1995.

    36 page digest sized fanzines. Hot To Trot is an adult rated equine and mythological creatures fanzine. Issues 1 and 2 were published by Lazy Fox Studios, issues 3-5 by UniGraphix.

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  • Furrabian Nights cover, by Rommel Ignacio.

    Furrabian Nights

    Published 4th quarter, 1997. One-off.

    A4 sized, 36 pages long. Furrabian Nights is a cute look at the world of furry Arabian Nights / harem girls.

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  • Year Of The Kitty cover, by Foxy.

    Foxy's Portfolios

    Self-published art portfolios by Foxy.


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